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True North Homes

Find your True North and discover the value of sustainable quality. Our mission is to provide homes and communities of exceptional quality and value, while keeping a focus on energy efficiency, ease of ownership and sustainability beyond our lifetime.

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Quality begins with sound construction practices and the motivation for constant improvement in optimizing performance and processes.  Beyond this, we focus on the quality of life in our communities, intuitive home designs and the quality of service that we provide to the people around us.



Value is derived, first and foremost, by what we deliver to our homeowners in exchange for their investment. Beyond this, we value the folks that we are privileged to work with, such as our associates, vendors and Realtors, and we strive to provide a strong return for their investment of confidence, time and talent.

Sustainability - Homes that we build today will be around for generations. We believe it is our responsibility to our community, our homebuyers and those who follow, that we deliver efficient homes that perform superbly and endure the test of time.



True North Homes enjoys the leadership of a small management team with more than thirty years of combined experience in critical areas of the home building industry, such as exceptional land development, quality construction and care, as well as customer and realtor focused sales and marketing. The sole focus of our leadership team and support staff is to deliver on our mission.

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