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Building the Dream

There is so much more to your true north home than immediately meets the eye - and we are here every step of the way.

The land development team can spend years in identifying land that will meet the requirements of our future homeowners. Once identified, they execute a comprehensive due-diligent process, purchase the raw land, go through entitlements with the city and/or county and develop the infrastructure of a well-designed and beautiful community that will be a place that you can proudly call home.

This group of dedicated professionals that brings your future home community to life includes engineers, architects, landscape designers, city and/or county officials, as well as members of our development, construction and Sales teams.

Once the community has started to be developed and initial infrastructure is in place, home sites are released to the builder, and building permits will be ordered for future True North Homes to be constructed.

This is when you become the star of the show!

Depending on the type of home, community, and stage of construction, you can choose your future home, as well as structural, functional and decorative items that will be included in your new home.

When it comes to the actual construction of the home, we have a dedicated construction manager systematically orchestrating the entire construction process that is comprised of a large number of team members, including vendors, contractors, tradesmen, craftsmen,  as well as in-house, third-party and city inspectors.

Here is a general outline of the phases. Based on home and community characteristics and features, weather, as well as availability of labor and materials, the  construction manager will determine the actual sequence of events:

Lot Preparation

Clearing of land, excavation or build-up of site


Installment of form boards, delivery of fill material, installation of plumbing grounds and other utilities, installation of beams, structural steel and tension cables based on engineering plan, pre-foundation measurements and inspections.


Delivery and distribution of concrete followed by surface finish work and installation of anchor bolts. Later in the construction process, cables will be put under tension based on the engineering plan.


Lumber and engineered framing members will be delivered and the building will be framed according to the architectural and engineering plans. Later there will be a framing inspection.


Roof board, fascia and soffit material, siding (if applicable) will be installed onto the frame material, followed by windows and exterior doors.


Main mechanical components will be installed, such as plumbing and electrical lines, HVAC lines and components followed by a multitude of inspections.


Felt material, cover gaskets and shingles will be installed on top of roof boards.


Insulation material will be installed in the exterior walls and penetrations will be sealed and later inspected.


Stone, and/or brick and/or stucco will be installed on exterior of the building.

Wall Board

Interior wall board (sheetrock) will be installed, followed by taping, floating and texture and inspection.

Interior Trim

Interior trim material will be installed as applicable per plan, such as doors, casings, baseboards, window sills, as well as closet finish out and cabinets.


Once the interior trim is completed and the walls are textured, the first phase of interior painting will start, followed by additional paint stages as the home finishes out.


Hard surface flooring, such as ceramic tile goes in earlier followed by wood, laminate or vinyl plank later and carpet towards the end of the construction process.

Mechanical Trim

Mechanical components will be installed, such as switches, faucets, and appliances followed by several inspections.


Final Inspections

A number of inspections will be performed to make sure that the house meets appropriate standards.

Finish Out and Quality Control

Finish out will be completed and quality control measures implemented.

Sign Off

Construction manager will sign off completed house.

Home Introduction

Construction manager will introduce the home to the future homeowner.

Home Acceptance

Homeowner will sign off on completed home.

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