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Home is where the heart is

The decision to own a new home is an exciting one.

At True North Homes, we are devoted to making your experience enjoyable and stress-free. Owning a new home is a main step towards your financial stability and security and independence. As a future True North homeowner you might be at the very beginning of your journey, or you might already be well into it.


Here are some of the main steps that we have experienced our homeowners make:


Think about what is most important to you in your future home.

Consider all aspects of the Home, including community, location, value, efficiency, Space requirements, Lifestyle and Design. 

Contact us and visit one of our new home communities.

We can discover together, how our homes match up with what you are looking for in your future residence.

Determine where you are financially and what steps you need to take to become a new homeowner.

You might have already been in contact with a bank or mortgage broker. If not, We can refer you to an experience mortgage broker that can help you find your path to homeownership. To learn more about home financing, go to our financing page.

Select a floor plan design in our community that works best for you.

Once you have decided, we will embark on a journey towards delivering your new home.

Construction Process.

Depending on the stage of construction, we will go through the construction process together or you will soon be introduced to your completed home by one of our dedicated construction managers. We are fully committed to continuously providing great customer experiences through active communication and customer care.

After the home introduction, the construction manager will take care of any potential items that will need to be addressed prior to delivery, and you will be on your way to close on your new home.

Close on your new home at the title company.

At the time of closing everything comes together to transfer funds and ownership to and from the respective parties.

Now you are home!

True North Warranty Introduction.

Our commitment goes well beyond the home delivery. Approximately 30 days after you have closed on your home, one of our construction managers will schedule a follow-up visit with you to review any potential warranty items and go over the builder warranty again.

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