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Home & Environment

Each and everyone of us is ultimately responsible for the environment as we inhabit this world for a short period of time before we pass it along to our children and the following future generations.

At True North, we are here to live up to our responsibility.

True North Communities

The communities that we develop are designed at higher density to optimize the land usage and not waste any land for spaces that will not be utilized.

Where possible, our communities are designed to offer generous common spaces that can be used by all members of the community, thus creating more benefits to the neighborhood while reducing the impact on the overall environment.

We plant native plants that require less water and save money for the future homeowner's association.

True North Homes

Our homes are designed to be multi-functional and our smart designs make better use of the available space. 

We use high quality materials in construction and finish out. These materials last longer and will not be obsolete in a short period of time. Some other builders use low quality products in their homes that will need to be replaced in a few years - resulting in a burden to the homeowner and the environment.

We build highly energy efficient homes - a benefit to you and the environment.

We offer water-saving appliances in our homes and water catchment systems, where available.

We provide solar power options to our clients, whenever they are feasible.

True North Business Practices

Most of our operations run paperless, thus highly reducing the amount of paper used and disposed of in our organization.

We utilize energy efficient equipment, devices and appliances at our offices. This helps reduce the cost of operations and lessens the burden on the environment.


What each of us can do to protect the environment - Environment & Me

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